Founded in 2018, Naya Rea is a London based brand that embodies the power and beauty of storytelling. Each garment produced is inspired by traditional lore and interwoven with one-of-a-kind hand painted prints, subtle detailing and unique embroidery. Known for the feminine cuts and interpretation, the whimsical nature of the brand is offset by exaggerated silhouette and vivid colours. Naya Rea weaves a thread through generations of female dressing, pulling from past and present iterations of femininity.   

Naya Rea aims to be as conscious as possible, using natural fabrics such as cotton, silk and producing all garments in limited quantities to reduce waste. Majority of the collections are made in Ukraine, in small family-owned factories that are run by women. The core of the brand lies in consciously supporting and empowering women to use their voices and tell their stories.